In Promises of Peace, Pastor John Bradshaw brings alive some of the precious promises of the Bible and shows how through the Word of God you can experience peace in your heart and life. Promises of Peace will connect you with the Prince of Peace, and through His Word will bring you into the peace that passes understanding.

Turning Obstacles Into Victories - eBook

The Bible guarantees that life is going to present some significant challenges, even to the most committed believer. How you deal with those challenges is often the difference between spiritual success and spiritual failure. Rather than dragging you down, even the toughest trials can be stepping stones to better things. 

Dive into the gripping tale of Sir Keith Park, the Kiwi who defended London against overwhelming odds during WWII. Discover hope in unexpected places.

Dive into the Berlin Olympics, witnessing Kiwi victories and uncovering Louis Zamperini’s journey from athlete to war hero. Discover the transformative force of forgiveness.

I’m John Bradshaw, inviting you to join me on Hope Channel for Unbreakable Hope. Starting on September 24th, Unbreakable Hope will show you how you can have hope, even in a challenged and challenging world. This series will look at the lives of inspiring people who impacted their world, as well as the lives of Bible personalities whose lives demonstrated and gave hope. Life can come at you hard and fast, and one of the easiest things to do is to decide that there’s no hope — at home, at work, at school, or in life itself. But there is hope for you. Join me from September 24th, on Hope Channel, for Unbreakable Hope.

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